Been Some Time

Well it seems like I have let this blog slip a bit and after checking my last post it appears that it was October of last year you heard from me.

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Putting a Book Down for Good

In my last update post I said I was going to write a book review but I can’t really write a review as I haven’t finished the book I was reading.

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Where have you been? Update Again!

Once again I’m going to write a blog on why I haven’t written a post in a long time, and the excuses this time is the same; busy, busy, busy…….

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Writing Inspiration from Movies and TV Series

Since April of this year I have been staying at home as a part-time house dad until my mother in law takes over. Usually I will spend a good 7 hours doing house hold chores such as getting breakfast ready, cleaning, and then seeing the boys off to school. The remaining few hours I spend taking care of my one year old and working on my business projects. I also try to work on this blog, my short-stories and novel but with a demanding one year old it has proven to be very difficult.

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Half a Chapter Written

So today I managed to write half a chapter for my novel.

I wasn’t going to do so but on the train to work I had this idea that I believe would fit into my novel very well. It was an idea that would come much later in my story so at the moment I don’t know where it will fit but I’m very happy that I’ve gotten on with writing my novel as I’ve had a long time off from it.

What I did was just sit down at my desk and typed, completely ignoring all the work on my desk and the day’s lessons to plan.

As I have a full schedule today I didnt bother checking my grammar or even my spelling. I just let the idea flow and typed it up on my computer which now I am very pleased as I wrote it out without just saying I’ll do it latter and then forget when I got home.

Now it’s time to get on with today’s plan and workout what I’m going to teach.