Putting a Book Down for Good

In my last update post I said I was going to write a book review but I can’t really write a review as I haven’t finished the book I was reading.

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The Last Shogun – The Start of the Boshin War

On the 27th of January, 1868, an army of Shogunates marched on towards Kyoto. This march would lead to a bloody one year war that would end the Samurai in Japan.
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Writing Inspiration from Movies and TV Series

Since April of this year I have been staying at home as a part-time house dad until my mother in law takes over. Usually I will spend a good 7 hours doing house hold chores such as getting breakfast ready, cleaning, and then seeing the boys off to school. The remaining few hours I spend taking care of my one year old and working on my business projects. I also try to work on this blog, my short-stories and novel but with a demanding one year old it has proven to be very difficult.

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Change of Direction

As the title says I’m going to be changing the direction of this blog. As it stands my blog is about my life in Japan and my progress on my writing course but as of late I haven’t been able to do anything in regards to studying and my Japanese topics are getting less by the month.

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Been in a difficult place with my writing

Hey everyone, how have you all been?

I haven’t written a blog post for a long time and the reason for this is due to the fact that most of my time was taken up by “Blasting News UK” where I was writing news articles about Japan and then doing my own social marketing to get views. Plus the fact that my home life and business have been a stress.

So what has happened since I wrote my last post?

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Letters to Editors for Magazines and Newspapers

Letter to the EditorWith the Writers Bureau Creative Writing Course I get to learn all the angles of writing for a living and one of these angles or options is writing letters to magazines and newspapers.

The trouble I have with writing letters for magazines or even newspapers is that I don’t really read these. The news sources that I read for my news fix are all online and none of them offer any Letters to Editor.

To tell the truth I haven’t read a magazine in many years and the last magazine that I read must have been a PC Gamer one from the early 2000s.

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Introduction to my Writing Course

This is my first blog regarding my writing course that I have enrolled with under the Writers Bureau.

What I thought I would do was upload a few of my assignments for everyone to have a read over and give me their opinions. This first post is an introduction that I had to write so my tutor could get an understanding of my writing ability.

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