Halloween Community Event

Yesterday my family and I attended our communities Halloween event. It was a first for the community to hold an event for Halloween so we wasn’t sure what they would do or how it would turn out but we dressed up and tagged along for the children.

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Halloween in Japan

Halloween in Japan has become more popular every year since I arrived 8 years ago but not in the sense to what we know or would do back in England or even America.

About two weeks ago the Japanese TV programs that my wife likes to watch all showed most of the news presenters dressed up in Halloween costumes preforming their roles on TV as normal. I found this odd but very quickly remembered that Tokyo TV would hold a Halloween Parade at their station for everyone to come and walk around the station showing off their costumes. Even the morning TV presenters would be pulled around in chariots, all for a few days in the middle of October.

Now from the beginning of this week until today the costumes and Halloween props where all put away and everything went back to normal in the world of Japanese TV. Halloween was gone in the sense of the TV world with the odd mention of Halloween on a few channels here and there.

It’s now 31st October and everything Halloween has popped out of everywhere. The TV presenters once again dressed again up and a number of TV schedules have advertised all things Halloween.

But what will really happen today?

In Tokyo the streets will be filled with adults, not children, just walking the streets in costumes and down here in Osaka everyone will head to Universal Studios to join their Halloween Closing sendoff that they have every year to Michael Jacksons Thriller.

There will be no children knocking on doors asking for sweets as tonight will be a night for adults to go to pubs and bars to get drunk and show off their costumes. The police has said that they will have an extra 800 officers out on the streets of Tokyo tonight.

My English School got Published in UKs Pick Me Up!

It was nice to find out that the picture of my English School I sent to a UK magazine; Pick Me Up! last year was published in their Halloween Speical.

The picture itself is of a halloween party I held at my English School in Osaka, Japan. I got a warm email from the editor asking if they could use the picture in their magazine and that they would send me a copy of the magazine and a nice prize for allowing them to publish it.