Change of Direction

As the title says I’m going to be changing the direction of this blog. As it stands my blog is about my life in Japan and my progress on my writing course but as of late I haven’t been able to do anything in regards to studying and my Japanese topics are getting less by the month.

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Using Japanese

Living in Japan for almost nine years you would expect my Japanese to be relatively close to native level or perhaps you would think it’s at a decent level to do business and have daily conversations with my fellow Japanese friends without any worries.

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Walking, Riding, and Driving in Japan

Getting around Japan can be easy what with the local transportation and the Japan-Railpass that is offered to us foreigners. The idea that Japan is easy to navigate can be found all over the internet and the truth be told that as a foreigner from an English speaking country I never found it difficult finding my way around. The signs and even some of the announcements are followed up in English and most recently in the last few years a number of other languages have been added. So there is no need to worry if you can’t read the Japanese signs or understand the announcements.

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