Blog PictureAuthor Simon Phillips is a British citizen living in Japan. He is has been living in Japan since 2007 and has made it his home. He is happily married and has four lovely boys who are growing up in both a Japanese and English environment. He has a lovely family, operates his own business, built his own house and owns a car.

He is an entrepreneur and has a number of business projects underway. He is not satisfied with one business adventure and likes to create and sell small profitable businesses. His dream is to be financially well off and a published author.

This blog site is designed for a place where he can write about his interests and his progress on becoming a published author. This is also a place for him to post his short-stories, historical articles of interest and his daily life in Japan.

The speed he post his blogs and articles can be irregular and at times he might upload two or three posts in a day or one per month or two.

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