Been Some Time

Well it seems like I have let this blog slip a bit and after checking my last post it appears that it was October of last year you heard from me.

There isn’t really any excuse to why I haven’t been keeping this blog up to date and so I’ll just skip to what I hope to be doing from now on.

As I’m pushing on ahead with my writing course which I hope to have  completed within the next few months I won’t be posting any updates or anything until I’ve gotten it finished; basically I want it out the way so I can push forward with other projects I’ve been working on.

In essence to the projects I’ve been working on I can say that the one that I have been hinting at over the last year before I stopped blogging is showing signs of promise but is still early days to fully disclose what it’s all about. In truth I don’t want to take the attention away to what I would like to do with this blog so once I’ve gotten back into a routine of posting here I’ll probably start a new blog/website devoted just to this new business adventure.

To cut the long story short I’ll be using this blog to write about my everyday struggles on becoming published writer as I go through the final stage of rewriting my novel from draft one to draft two and then finally going through the process of trying to get published.

Some posts will be short and some will be long. So bringing this one to an end I hope you will follow me as I continue on my path to become a published author.


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