Halloween Community Event

Yesterday my family and I attended our communities Halloween event. It was a first for the community to hold an event for Halloween so we wasn’t sure what they would do or how it would turn out but we dressed up and tagged along for the children.

At first we were all ushered into the community centre and divided up into groups of ten children as we were all going to do a bit of trick-or-treating around the community. Shockingly I was taken by the arm and marched to the front of the room and asked to tell the children what to say once we had rung the door bells. It was fun teaching them the correct way of pronouncing trick-or-treat and after the fifth try we all had it down; parents as well.

We walked around the community for a good hour ping ponging at a few well known houses and to my liking I had a few conversations with some of the owners. The children tried their best keeping to saying trick-or-treat but by the last few houses it was getting lost in the “I’m tired”, and “have we finished yet” comments. The happiest point was that my own children kept up the spirits by screaming the saying until the very last house.

As we all returned back to the community centre with bags full of sweets I was once again taken by the arm and asked to give a small speech to everyone on what is Halloween. This was really unexpected as I had no idea what to say but I was ushered to the front of the room on a small stage as everyone huddled and sat down on the floor.

With a lot of umming and erring and with the help of my wife I managed to give a small speech on the what is Halloween but as I’m not a real fan I had to make a few things up so I’m hoping none of the parents go home and google what I said. Also if I knew I was going to be have a part in the event I would have put a bit more effort it my costume.


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