A Semi-Week off from Work and Birthday Celebrations

Hey readers how’s it been?

Don’t worry this won’t be another update post. In fact this will be a kind of diary of what I did last week for my birthday celebrations.

As Japan had a few days of bank holidays last week and by luck my birthday fell on one of those days my wife planned a few days of activities.

The Monday of last week we decided to go out for a meal just my wife and me whilst my in laws took the children out to the cinema. My wife and I both ate ramen, a dish we both ordered when we first met. Might sound trivial but having children makes it nearly impossible to go out as a couple so the ramen and just us made the mood enjoyable.

The next few days where as usual; I went to work to teach a few lessons as did my wife who went off to her nursing job so nothing really special happened over these two days.

On Thursday I met my mate and we had a few beers and ate hamburgers and chips at a restaurant called the Outback. We spent a few good hours talking about our businesses and families. The conversation along with the beers was enough for me to unload a lot of stress and relax.

On Friday we took the boys out for a small walk up a mountain to see a nice waterfall at its top. This walk actually was more of an interest for my one year old who showed a lot of interest in everything around him. The only negative point of this trip was that the path up the mountain was a tarmac road with badly designed guardrails, and for most of walk up I was on edge ready to catch one of my boys from tripping and rolling through the rails and down the mountain side which was very steep at times.

To finish up the celebrational week I relaxed most of the weekend reading a good book and watching the Walking Dead that was on a rerun marathon for all of Sunday.


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