Where have you been? Update Again!

Once again I’m going to write a blog on why I haven’t written a post in a long time, and the excuses this time is the same; busy, busy, busy…….

Well as it’s the beginning of the summer holidays and my children are all at home that’s where all my time has been going. We have to be doing something during the time I’m at home or as any parent would know they would be running rings about the house and driving us all insane. So until the end of August and at bit of the beginning of September we will be doing a lot of arts and crafts, English learning, watching movies and playing outside.

On the other hand I have managed to get on with some writing and sent a few assignments off for marking so not all has been lost.

My Language school has ground to a halt due to it being August but I’m working on a few things to make its location more visible and have already organized things to get on with for the month of August.

I have also got my fingers in a few other adventures that are slowly working out but still I need bit more time before I can say they are worthy of letting everyone know what they are as if they full flat then I will just let it be and move onto something else.

But with the time that I have spare allows me to get on with my writing and finding new ways of promoting my language school, and of cause getting a breather away from my children.

So what can you expect from me in the next few days, weeks or by the end of the month?

Well I have an interesting book review to write, an assignment that I wrote but wasn’t good enough for publishing to post here and a general writing theme about Japan as well.

So until my next post please enjoy your summer holidays and if you’re at home with your children then I wish you luck.


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