Brexit; My Review on the Result

As I’m a British Expat living in Japan my feeling towards the result of the United Kingdom leaving the EU is far less devastating or wonderful than those who actually live within the UK or the European Union as expats themselves.

The only thing that I have taken to heart over the exit is how the GDP has devalued against all major and minor currency pairs as withdrawing my sterling savings or online business profits has been effected dramatically.

Since the announcement of the results the whole of the United Kingdom has evolved into some type of Social Media Civil War and anyone who voted leave is now labelled as a racist, bigot, or out of touch old aged pensioner. A nasty retaliation of name calling that was first believed the leave campaigners where doing towards the remainers.

It also appears that the remain voters are trying very hard to get another referendum and even the Scottish parliamentary leader is also demanding another referendum on independence of Scotland and even threatening to use her VITO to stop Article 50 being signed and pushed through all because the results didn’t go in their direction.

We also had voters who voted for leave now saying that they wished they changed their vote as they didn’t believe their vote would be the majority or they didn’t fully understand what they were voting for but this isn’t grounds for a revote as it’s down to all voters to get the best facts before voting.

It is also disturbing to read my facebook feed with such bigotry and hatred towards our older generation saying they shouldn’t have had a vote because they will die off soon. How sad to say when these people have paid into the system longer than those who are demanding they have their vote power taken away. Should we take away the younger adults vote because they have less real life experience than our elders?

Leavers have also been labelled uneducated, liars and red necks, to term an American saying but as I wrote above the tables have turned on the name calling as throughout the campaigning the leavers where ladled as the ones being provocative.

It’s also shocking to read on BBC News that there are reports of family turning against family because mum, dad and even grandmother voted differently to their adult children and then those said children spouting hatred as they now believe the older generation has destroyed their futures. Yes, perhaps the final outcome will be worse than its now but to start saying that they have destroyed the future is unfair because everyone had a vote and everyone had the right to choose; that is democracy.

We also have had MPs stating that the results should be blocked in the commons. It boggles the mind as this goes against the true meaning of democracy and if the word of the people is blocked than the rule of government is nothing but a dictatorship.

In response to the Scottish leader it is very unfair to say she will try to VITO Article 50 as it was a referendum involving the whole of the United Kingdom and not just Scotland. Also I find it unfair that she is dismissing the Scottish people who actually voted leave and with her logic I believe London, my birth city, should also demand a referendum for independence as the majority of the city voted remain.

Now the country should stop all the name calling and hatred towards each other and just come together to try work out the best plan forward. It’s going to be very difficult but I believe the British have the power to grow as one.


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