Is Windows 10 doing Automatic Upgrades?

I know that the upgrade for Windows 10 has been available for some time but I’ve just taken an interest in it. The reason for this is of late I have been reading a few of my friend’s facebook statuses that say that Microsoft has gone behind their backs and automatically upgraded their systems without consent.

Is this a real behind the back tactic or is there a simpler explanation?

This type of thing nearly happened to me but the problem was with the scheduler on my system as it decided it was time to upgrade. There was a small countdown timer on my screen and it had only 5 seconds left before my system would have rebooted and the upgrade would have been in full swing. As far as I could remember there was no cancel button and the only way to stop it was to reschedule it for the end of the week.

Is this the type of problem I keep reading about with the behind the back tactics of automatic upgrades? Perhaps it’s a combination of set and forget scheduling, and Microsoft creating a timer with a short countdown with no direct cancelation button. And as far as I know there is no choice of refusing the upgrade and leaving your system alone as the little Upgrade to Windows 10 still sits in the systems tray.

I would like to share with you a bit of my history, so please bear with this little side step. I’m not shy when it comes to technology and my platform of choice would be a Microsoft one. When I was younger I decided my chosen career would be in world of computers. I went as far as becoming a windows technician and studied all of the modules to become an MCSA and MCSE engineer. I also managed to get a job as a Helpdesk 1st and 2nd line support operator. I even did a bit of onsite work as well but as the saying goes don’t make your hobby a career. Now I’m in Japan and the rest is history.

So for my love of computers why haven’t I upgraded yet?

Well I would like to but I don’t have the time to sit through the upgrade and then debug any issues what with a house full of kids and a one year old running around, but to tell the truth I’m more than happy with Windows 7 and don’t see the need to upgrade yet.

If I do manage to have a whole weekend free then perhaps I might upgrade this laptop and if all goes well with no debugging and the learning curve is easy enough then perhaps I’ll think about upgrading the family and my office computers.

But do tell me how your experiences have been with the upgrade or if you found a way to get rid of the little bugger in the systems tray for good?


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