Writing Inspiration from Movies and TV Series

Since April of this year I have been staying at home as a part-time house dad until my mother in law takes over. Usually I will spend a good 7 hours doing house hold chores such as getting breakfast ready, cleaning, and then seeing the boys off to school. The remaining few hours I spend taking care of my one year old and working on my business projects. I also try to work on this blog, my short-stories and novel but with a demanding one year old it has proven to be very difficult.

With my time I like to put on some type of movie or tv program in the background when I work as it helps me relax as I’m the type of person who can’t work in silence. As I have a lot of hours to kill I have been watching a number of TV series and since April 2016 I have watched Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica.

Each series has helped me with my writing and has given me a good push to crack on with my novel and short-story for my assignment. Also, as of writing this I have just finished a small scene for my novel all thanks to the TV series I wrote above.

Now as I’ve finished both TV series I have decided to watch Game of Thrones which is a first for me even though it’s been on the TV for a few years. The genre is very different to the first two series and has caused a slowdown in my idea building for my assignment and novel as this series has given me the itch to open a new document and write a story that I have in mind for my next novel.

I have read a blog or article somewhere that stated that it was good idea to spend the morning writing one novel and then the evening writing the other but some of the comments on that blog read that story ideas can get entwined affecting each story intern allowing them to drift away from their original paths.

Now with this new found desire should I put a few hours aside and start on my next novel or continue with my current story?


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