Change of Direction

As the title says I’m going to be changing the direction of this blog. As it stands my blog is about my life in Japan and my progress on my writing course but as of late I haven’t been able to do anything in regards to studying and my Japanese topics are getting less by the month.

The reason behind my lack of Japanese topics is that I don’t have the desire to write about my life here as it isn’t any different to how I would have lived it back in the UK. I don’t go anywhere special on a regular basis and I don’t go out looking for topics of interest.

My progress with my writing course and with my lack of time is preventing me from writing or researching my assignments so from now on will focus on the assignments for my course and building up my novel which has taken a very backseat to everything that is happening now.

With the change of direction I’m thinking of turning this blog into a science fiction, creative writing learning, historical articles and general writing blog spot . The emphasis will be on things that attract my interest; space, time-travel, Japanese and Egyptian histroy and my prgress on becoming a published writer.

The change will be slow as I’m acting as a full-time house-dad until 3pm and then it’s off to my afternoon job which leaves me with no real time to write because as soon as I get back I’m back into house-dad mode until my wife returns home.

Also I have been working on a few side investments that I’m making the most of whilst business is slow to keep my head above water and possibly turn into a second business (I hope) but this process is very slow with a lot of trial and errors.

Well until my next post on my new topic, I hope you all have a great day or night.


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