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Well it’s been a few weeks since I’ve written a blog and what a few weeks they have been.

From the end of March I closed up my old English School and got on with cleaning and moving out. The process of packing and moving was done in a matter of a few days which was easier than I expected but the main job was returning the rented room back to the state it was when I first moved in.

All the partitions, home-made display cases and even the advertising logos stuck up on the windows had to be broken down and scraped off. This in itself was a job and a half and the difficult part was I did it all by myself.

The logos were the worst part as they were up on the windows for over six years and had dried out like paint. It took a good two days to scrape the stickers off and I must have used at least two cans of WD40.

After cleaning up the next job was to get the new school ready for its first lessons that we had last week. Going from demolition man to painter and decorator took the wind out of me so I spent all of Sunday trying to recuperate.

But over the last few days of last week my wife and I spent most of the time arguing with the old schools building owner as they wanted to charge us for replacing the wallpaper and for making a hole through the wall to the outside of the building to put up our air conditioning unit.

The wallpaper was easily dealt with as they tried to charge us for six years worth of wear and tear. The only damage to the walls was a few scrapes from furniture and darkened areas where picture frames had hung. After I asked them why didn’t they expect wear and tear from the many years I operated there he quickly dropped that claim and pushed the hole in the wall issue.

Now when we first moved in and talked to the estate agent about placing our air conditioning unit he said that we couldn’t put it up in an already drilled area. The reason for this was that the owner didn’t want any wires of cables running up the front of the building making it look ugly. So we all agreed the estate agent, the owner and ourselves to drill a new whole and have our air conditioning unit fixed up on the back wall with the wires and cables running alongside the other tenants units. Now the trouble comes when the owner demands that we pay for filling in the hole and fixing any concrete reinforcement bars as he says that putting the unit anywhere other than the already designed area was against the rules in the contract.

We refused this claim under what was agreed when we signed the contract and for the icing on the cake it turned out that the estate agent, the middle company (even though the estate agents and middle company was in itself the same company), and the owner hadn’t communicated with each other correctly. After the middleman sucked his teeth for a good few minutes and going back and forth on his phone he accepted and dropped all claims on the grounds that the lack of communication between the owner, estate agents and himself was nothing to do with us.

You might have thought I should have just paid for the replacement of the wallpaper and even for the hole as it shouldn’t have worked out to more than a couple of hundred quid but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. As here in Japan when you sign a lease on a rentable property you have to pay a fee of what is called a down payment or key money. The amount can work out to be a couple of grand all the way up to ten thousand. When you leave the owner takes an agreed amount for repairs and a something that I find strange and that is a thank you charge. As with me the owner had taken half of our down payment as a thank you but refused to return the remaining fee due to the claims for the repairs. After inquiring if the non-returnable money also included the repairs it was said that it wasn’t and we had to pay for the claims and add extra money if the builders surveying exceeded the amount. Luckily as all the claims have been dropped and the keys have been returned I should be receiving a nice payment soon.

On top of all that my wife has just started a new job as an operating theatre nurse and my third eldest son just had his opening ceremony for nursery today. This was the first time that I attended this event by myself but it was fun and I had a good time trying to fit into my suit.

Now as everything has started to settle down I hope to get back on with my writing. I hope to continue with my course, this blog and other creative ideas but as I now have a new school to promote my writing will take time. Well until next time have a good day and thank you for reading.


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