Valentine’s Day in Japan

Now that Valentine’s Day has passed us I hope you all received and gave chocolates to those special someone’s.

What did I do for Valentine’s Day?

Absolutely nothing! I just sat back and waited for a box of chocolates from my wife.

But before you jump on me saying that I’m a tight fisted so and so for not getting my wife anything in return you will need to understand that Valentine’s Day in Japan is only for the men.

The tradition is for the women to give chocolates to the men with no gifts being given to the women at all.

This might sound one sided but the ladies do have their day in March called White Day and in return I will get my wife a nice bar of snickers from the corner shop.

Well, I did alright this year as I got three boxes of chocolates and all from different people.

Now before you start accusing me of adultery please understand that the majority of Japanese don’t give chocolate to someone special as you will find that women will give chocolate to coworkers even if they hate them and they will even give chocolates to their male bosses.

The children at school also give chocolates to their classmates and sometimes a child will have three to four boxes to give to different boys. Also parents will give their own boys chocolate as well as giving their own fathers, as my wife did, a nice pack of chocolate sweets or cakes.

Actually this happened to my son who received a box of chocolates from his friend at school. The girl came over and in her hands were at least four boxes of the same chocolates she gave my son. This meant she would had visited four other houses to give chocolate straight after.

The giving is not done out of the confession of love but more for the sake of giving.

Now don’t get me wrong as some Japanese girls will give chocolate to boys to confess their love and with a number of older students I had the pleasure of asking if they received a box of chocolate from a special someone, and with a few red faces some replied that they had.

Now until White Day which is on the 14th March the roles will be reversed and the men will then go out and buy chocolates for the women.


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