Out and about at 4am in Japan

You might be wondering why I’m up and about at 4am whilst the majority of the Japanese are still sleeping and why I’m cycling in this deadly cold weather as well.

As I have taken on the responsibility of building up a new English language school in my local area I now have to do door to door leafleting. The goal I have set myself is to flood my new area with at least 10,000 leaflets before the end of April.

The journey to my new school is very easy to do and only takes 30 minutes by bicycle. There are no hills and the road is just one big straight shot with only a few bends that are easy to navigate. It is very peaceful as there are no cars or pedestrians on the roads at this time.

So why do I go so early in the morning?

Well there are two reasons for this and the first is that my wife goes to work at 8 o’clock every morning. So I have to be home in the mornings until my mother-in-law takes over which is when I go off to work. The second, well should really be the first, is at this time in the morning the apartment blocks I visit don’t have any groundkeepers manning the front desks that always seem to be fitted next to the post box areas.

Most modern and a few older apartment blocks don’t allow soliciting and 9 out of 10 groundkeepers will right out refuse any type of leaflet. I have tried in the past to talk to the grumpy groundkeepers and even show them my harmless English School leaflet and without fail I’m refused very rudely and escorted off the premises like I was a criminal.

Well to be honest when I do do my leafleting I find a number of post boxes full to the brim with paper that would be considered rubbish and I bet these groundkeepers are always chasing off leaflet boys all the time.

The best way around this is to go very early in the morning before the groundkeepers start their shifts and another good point is that there is no one around and most of the time I’m the only one walking the streets.




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