Happy New Year from Japan

Happy New Year for 2016 to all my readers from Japan.

This is my first post for 2016 and my first post for at least two weeks but I’m back now and ready to go.

The last two weeks have seen a huge change in my direction of life with my business, writing and other things so expect a lot more from me in the coming days.

My Christmas was great and I had a wonderful time cooking for my in-laws. I cooked up a traditional Christmas roast dinner for everyone and then we did the exchanging of presents. Indeed it was a great day but very different this year as it was the first time for my eldest son to go to school as normal, so the celebrations where all done in the evening.

For New Year’s we all went to my wives grandfather’s house and had Sukiyaki and Crab Onabe (Hot Pot) for dinner which went down like a treat.

Got to meet a handful of the extended family and have a nice talk in Japanese but most of the time I was turning to my wife to help me with mistranslations and as the drinking got heavier so did the slurring of the words.

We also exchanged Otoshidamas (Money Gifts) for the children and as a thank you from my wife and me we also gave some gift money to the in-laws. The total amount we spent well exceeded Christmas so the next time my wife asks me to skip the Christmas presents I will try to remember to bring up the amount of money we spent on money gifts.

But now it’s back to work and back to the daily grind, so until next time have a great day and a happy new year to all.


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