Mochi Taikai

On Monday I attended my second eldest son’s nursery mochi taikai. An event where the children watch and take part in making mochi by pounding boiled rice with a big wooden mallet.

The process of hammering the boiled rice will turn it into a thick sticky paste that the cooks will roll into small balls to be eaten.

After watching the children in groups of two try a hand at using the big hammer I was asked by my son’s teacher to have a go. The hammer itself is a bit heavy and after a few pounding attemps it started to feel even heavier but I managed to make a nice bowl of pounded rice.

After making the mochi the class returned to their classroom and the teacher gave all the students a plate with the mochi I made for them to eat. Every student and parent was happy with the day’s event and we all left with big smiles on our faces.


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