Japanese Packed Lunch

This morning my wife made my son a bento, Japanese Packed Lunch, for his school trip he will go on today.

Usually my wife doesn’t make nice and detailed bentos like the one you can see in the photo above and when she does its only for special occasions. She will spend a good few hours cooking up the food and then cutting and shaping the bits into cute and cuddly pieces.

My lunch depends on how my wife feels and how our one year old has been during the night but usually I get a big fat rice ball or a big plastic container with rice and a few vegetables and chicken pieces, nothing special and that’s how I like it.

Now my wife knows how I feel about decorated bentos and she is very grateful that I don’t demand one every day as it takes a long time to prepare.

This type of packed lunch is so common in Japan that most Japanese housewives will wake up at four o’clock in the morning and create packed lunch sets that are so decorated with popular animation characters that at times you are uncertain if you should destroy this masterpiece with your chopsticks. Some parents and housewives will spend the night before and the whole morning to create masterpieces just to outdo other parents and housewives.

It’s become such a big deal that if you send your child off to school with a simple packed lunch or even a nice homemade sandwich he or she will the laughingstock of the whole class.


5 thoughts on “Japanese Packed Lunch

  1. we some times send our kids off with sandwiches, since my wife has been doing that the kids at (right now the second kids kinder , it started when my oldest was there) the school have been wanting sandwiches too.. changing Japan one sandwich and a time


  2. I recently found a pack of 40 tortillas at Costco and introduced my aunt to the idea of burritos. They turned out to be a bit hit with her boys and she makes them for their bentos now. Apparently the other kids keep trying to trade their kashi pan for them hahaha 😛


      1. Wow, even in Japan? I didn’t know that…
        I know that when I was a kid and living in Canada, I would never have dared to take a rice ball to school, but I expected that it would be totally normal in Japan. Interesting :/


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