My Sons First School Marathon

On Thursday my son did his first school marathon. The event was held just up the road from where we live on the side of the river bank. The school from the river is only 20 minutes away and each school year came one by one to do their marathon runs.

My son’s school year split into two groups; boys and girls. Each had around 50 to 60 students to a group. The course wasn’t so long and to tell the truth I wasn’t sure of the distance but they had to run up the side of the river bank and then back down to the finish which was in the opposite direction of where they started.

The funny bit about this run was that I wasn’t ready to take any good photos of my boy as I expected him to finish last as he never showed any interest in running and always messed around at his sports day events.


As I was walking to the finish line I saw my son running back. I counted and found him to be in tenth place. As I was a bit shocked I ended up jogging to the finish line to try and catch him crossing to get a photo.

After he finished he was made to line up with the remaining children in their finishing places. He kept calling for us to notice him in his tenth place spot which he was really proud of as he kept grinning and jumping up and down.

Going back to my youth I was a long distance runner myself and was doing 10Ks when I was eight years old. I even trained for the London marathon when I was ten. I didn’t run the actual event but I did run the distance around the training field to the suprise of the other men training there.

I remember running the Wembley 10K when I was eight with my dad, with some random guy who tagged along. At the end of the race I asked my old man if I could go on a head and when I did  a quick dash for the finish line the other man was fly alongside me but he ended up trailing behind. I will never know if he allowed me to finish before him or if he really had trouble keeping up and running alongside me.

Anyway, I wonder perhaps my boy has the makings of a long distance runner.


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