Visiting the German Christmas Village in Osaka

20151206_112405On the Sunday just gone my family and I decided to visit the German Christmas Village in Osaka.

This small event is held every year at the foot of the Sky Building in central Umeda and is only 10 minutes away from Osaka station.

The village itself isn’t really a village but more of a prop-stand area with a number of food stands selling German sausages and sweets. You can also buy a few ornaments that are said to have been made in Germany but I saw a few of them being sold in 100 yen shops around.

20151206_111528At the entrance there was a small nativity display that my children took an interest in and I had a good time trying to explain to them what Christmas was all about. At the center of the village was a huge Christmas tree with a large merry-go-round blasting out classic Xmas songs from the 80s.

We walked around the stands and I bought a small German sausage that was good and my boys both bought waffle Christmas trees that were soaked in chocolate and honey. By the end of eating, they both where covered in chocolate and honey that we had to rush off to find a toilet to wash up.20151206_113315

By the end when we were ready to go home we all had a go on the small train and got a small gift that was hidden in boys coat hoods from the operator after I had a nice chat with him in English.



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