Update on my Trying Week

Well it seems that my wife and I have flipped the agreed plan around that I wrote about in my yesterday’s blog; Daily Ramblings: ATrying Week.

Now we will continue to search for a new location to rent but will also keep in mind that if we can’t find somewhere that is reasonable in price and located in the best place then we will continue the school in its current location.

The agreement now is that we will expand our search sphere by including neighboring boroughs. This plan allows us to have a bigger choice in rentable rooms and a wider choice in finding the best location for our students.

Now it is time to start searching, and as I put this blog together I have already found a nice and cheap place that I will now contact to have a look at. Hopefully it is as nice as the estate agent has advertised that at the location is as good as the pictures has shown.

Unfortunately all this talk about business has taken my time away from my writing projects but hopefully I can get back on to them from next week.

Well, until my next update on my English Language Schools relocation effort, have a nice Thursday.


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