My Eldest Son Losing his First Tooth

Yesterday I tried to write a bit of my novel but as I was juggling my one year old that idea turned out to be a bad one. Most days I’m a stay-at-home dad or stay-at-home-until-lunch time dad as my wife works as a nurse and works like a typical Japanese employee. Which means I go to work later than her and most of the times I’m back before her and I finish late.

Well as I sat there at my computer my eldest son come up to me and said that his front tooth was wobbly. First thing I said was don’t worry it will fall out to be replaced by your big boy teeth but the funny thing was is that I wasn’t sure so I went onto Google to find out. Was it too early for him to start to losing his teeth?

As I typed I asked him if he had fisty cuffs with his brothers or did he bite a toy or pencil as he always does but he reassured me that he didn’t. Now after Google helped me out I went on to check his mouth and there it was, a brand new tooth, growing just behind his baby teeth.

Well he was excited and couldn’t wait to tell everyone later that evening. When his mother returned he rushed to show his loose tooth off and as expected she asked to have it once it’s out. She likes collecting the boy’s things, she even kept their hair and nail-clippings from their first trims.

Anyway I went on to tell him that if he hides it under his pillow the tooth fairy will swap it for some money. He wasn’t sure what a tooth fairy was so I had to explain it to him and the best way I could do it was to say that the fairy would fly all the way from England. Now my third eldest, who is now four was listening and the funny thing was as he herd England he automatically thought that Nanny and Grandad would fly over to Japan and swap the tooth.

All my boys are growing up fast even our newest addition to the family has just turned one.


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