Do you ever get the itch to play games?

As the title reads do you ever get the itch to play games?

When I was young I used to play games all the time and I would put games above my social life by spending hours on my computer losing time so quickly that I would forget what day it was.

Now I have a family and business that my time is more needed in other places but I do get that itch where I want to load up that old game, ie; Theme Hospital, Constructor or even Half-Life, but I can’t and I won’t because I know that if I do I will spend more hours on the computer playing those games than doing anything else and I would have arguments with my wife as I wouldn’t help with the housework or the childrearing.

So as a compromise I have started to watch a few YouTube Gamers play the games that I have loved and to be honest I have wondered if I could be a YouTube Gamer. Well that’s impossible as the some of these gamers put videos on their channels every three hours and most of the games they play are the state of the art just released games.

To do that I would need a new computer and a number of purchased games, so that little pie in the sky idea has been squashed.

Well anyway I thought I would share something different and off topic from my Life in Japan and Creative Writing blogs that I usually write.


7 thoughts on “Do you ever get the itch to play games?

  1. Sometimes I do. I do happen to play one game from time to time, and I would love to play SimCity 4, but my daughter got her hands on the CD and it’s a bit messy. Wondering if I can still clean it. I’m craving some city building.


      1. I haven’t forgotten the day.

        Now I’m draining my iPhone’s battery playing SimCity BuildIt. It’s okay as a temporary substitute, but I can’t wait to get a replacement copy for SimCity 4. Looks like my CDs are too scratched up.


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