Strange Marketing in Japan; Cont

Today after going to my son’s school concert I rushed to work and forgot to pick up my book that I always read on my train ride. So I decided to read the news on my smartphone instead and what I read was very strange that I had to reread the article twice to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

Burger King Japan has just created the “Big King” which is 100% identical to the Big Mac that McDonalds sells with the only difference is that the burgers are grilled over an open flame. Also its 120 yen more expensive than the McDonalds Big Mac.

Now Burger King has started a campaign that states that if you bring in a recent receipt of a purchased Big Mac from McDonalds that it will knock off the 120 yen from its Big King burger and strangely if you bring a whole Big Mac to one of their restaurants they will do the same. Now with the receipt it doesn’t say how recent the purchase has to be but by the words “recent” I believe it a few days before has to be right. Anything less is just too strange!

Now after reading the article the first thing that crossed my mind was why I would want to buy one burger to just get another. By that logic I should go to McDonalds buy a Big Mac asking for takeout and then pop off to the nearest Burger King and order a Big King and show them my purchased Big Mac to get the 120 yen knocked off!!!!

Whoever came up with this marketing plan must be a genius and sees something that I can’t or has been smoking something strong.


4 thoughts on “Strange Marketing in Japan; Cont

      1. Just watching the news now, and it seems if you take any receipt, membership card, object with big on it you can get the 120 yen discount. I’d rather go to BK as I think it tastes better. Some one even took in a Rubik cube because when said in Japanese it’s got ビッグ in the name.
        They were saying that MD’s is 20 % down on last year’s sales…


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