Strange English in Japan

More often than not I find strange English plastered everywhere in Japan mostly for marketing and gimmicks than anything other and the funny thing is I find myself trying to work out if it’s incorrect or if I need to study up on English.

As with the case with the image above it reads; Thank you for always leaving the toilet in a clean state after using it but the translation is so different and inappropriate that it just makes you laugh and shake your head.

“Please stand closer. Your TOMAHAWAK is not so long as you wish”. WOW!! That is so off the charts that is makes you burst out laughing without caring whose around you.

Japan is a country that doesn’t use English as a daily language and as a whole they really don’t need to learn it other than for business and a huge number of international companies have taken on the responsibility to use “In House English” within their companies. This leaves a majority of Japanese having to learn English even if they really don’t won’t too.

Even the small bar below my school is named “Husband” and to me that is one hell of a name for a stand up darts bar!

Now as a learner of a foreigner language myself I wouldn’t want to see strange and butchered Japanese everywhere as I would most probably try and learn and use it. (yes, we do have strange t-shirts and tattooed people back in England with Chinese characters making nosense at all). So you would think that the owners and local governments would try a bit harder when these signs and clothes where on the design table wouldn’t you think?


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