3rd November was a National Holiday

Yesterday the 3rd November was a national holiday here in Japan and luckily my wife and I shared the same day off. All national holidays and the fifth week of months I take off regardless but my wife being a nurse has a select schedule and usually works on national holidays.

So what did we do?

Well my wife decided that the whole house needed a clean and that every cushion cover, bed cover and bed sheet needed to make our washing machine work overtime.

Next we went out to do the weekly shop and go to Costco our local retailers shop that you can buy Japanese and foreign goods in bulk. But as we arrived the place was packed with no parking spaces left and the queue to get in was so huge that we gave up and went to Xeon next door.

We did our weekly shop and then went home and I made homemade pizza (cheese, tomato ketchup and peperoni on bread) and then decided to relax by watching the reruns of the Rugby World Cup whilst my wife continued to clean.

In the evening we had tokoyaki (octopus balls) for dinner and finished the day off by watching the latest episode of The Originals; a vampire series that wasn’t too bad.

So what did you get up to yesterday?


3 thoughts on “3rd November was a National Holiday

  1. Not much, recovered from a mild hangover from the night before. went and bought a machine that massages the eye ball and supposedly improves your vision.
    Takoyaki hey ,, I still feel for all those poor octopi/octopodes/octopuses running around with out balls…haha


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