Listening to the Rain

As today is a rainy day I thought I would share with you an odd and old routine that I really enjoy doing when I’m not busy.

One of the most relaxing things that I like to do is listen to the rain whilst relaxing in our master bedroom which is on the third floor of our house. Our bedroom is one that is typical of a Japanese room, tatami for a floor and a huge sliding door that leads on to a room balcony and one whole side of our room is a partition that acts as a three piece sliding door that leads onto the children’s bedroom. Even though the house was built over a year ago the tatami mats still give off a strong smell like they were fitted yesterday. The other remaining walls have large windows that allow the light to shine in from all directions and on a nice breezy day it makes the room very comfortable to get away from other stressful activities that happen throughout my house.

So when it rains I like to go upstairs with a book and get myself relaxed in a settled position right next to the large doors that lead onto the balcony. Now just imagine lying back on a large futon cushion and listening to the rain drops hitting the roof with thundering sounds that echoes out any other noise in the house and for me this is so soothing that I don’t get any reading done as more often than not I full into a nice sleep.

As it’s a rainy day here in Japan I thought I would share this little habit I have with you all.


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