Why do we write or why do I write?

I’ve been asking this question to myself a lot recently and the simplest answer is that I want to get my novel published.

To get a better understanding of my love for writing I have to take you back to my childhood and to start I went through a large box of books and paperwork that my mother sent me from the UK. Inside the box I found that she packed all my written and illustrated stories that I wrote when I was very young and even though the small books are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors the actual ideas where pretty good for the age that I wrote them.

Now throughout my schooling I had issues with my spelling and grammar all the way up through into graduation but as a young child I never let this get me down. I turned out books, game designs and even drawings like no tomorrow but it wasn’t until I got much older that I started to get fears about my problems. Even now this haunts me as it’s a big fork that I place in the middle of my mind when I sit down and plan my work.

I ask myself is it worth struggling to put together a story that has more spelling and grammar errors that I end up sending more time correcting then writing. But what keeps me going are the memories I had when I was on a school trip to Wales. We were asked to write a small story which I surprisingly won, and I also remember my English teacher asking us to write a story for homework and when I handed it in to be marked she was very surprised and pleased with my work, she even highlighted my effort in front of the whole class.

As my adult years took off I put away my writing ambitions and took on the world of work. I then started to get the writing bug again only a few years ago which led me to write my first drafted novel that I sent off for proofreading. As expected it was returned with red marks everywhere highlighting my spelling and grammar errors but the actual notes of the plot and characters was really good and the editor said it was very promising.

Well as you might have gathered the reason why I write is because I enjoy it and I like despairing into the worlds of my characters and plots as it helps be build a better story.

I have also started taking a liking to writing reviews of the books I have been reading and I have just started contemplating the idea of starting an area here on reviews of movies and tv programs so keep any eye out for those.


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