Been in a difficult place with my writing

Hey everyone, how have you all been?

I haven’t written a blog post for a long time and the reason for this is due to the fact that most of my time was taken up by “Blasting News UK” where I was writing news articles about Japan and then doing my own social marketing to get views. Plus the fact that my home life and business have been a stress.

So what has happened since I wrote my last post?

Well I was enjoying writing articles about Japan, articles that you would consider to be of interest to those who want a bit more information about life in Japan. The articles that I wrote were not your typical headline or mainstream media. In fact I was writing pieces about anime characters getting days named after them and a rock band member tattooing his whole back with manga characters from the 1980s.

Now BlastingNews UK didn’t at the time pay much for an article but they did give you one euro once published and then you would get more depending on the articles social rank which was very difficult to achieve without any marketing experience.

Now this is where the trouble started or more like the difficult place that I was put in. After submitting fluff articles as the editor called them I was asked to write more headline stories. Such articles I wrote were about the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter and a story from a surviving kamikaze pilot. I didn’t mind writing these articles as they needed more research and a different style of writing to get them to the standard that BlastingNews UK wanted but the payment and social marketing was still the same.

So I spent a few weeks running these articles out and doing my research and as quickly as I typed the rules changed!

First Blasting News UK changed their payment reward by only paying those who reached a level of so many social views but the commission stayed the same. I found this a bit worrying at first because I wasn’t informed of the change but tugged along anyway.

Second, and only a few days after they changed the whole commission system the rewards were pushed so back that getting a huge number of social views would only see ninety three euros. Which meant that I had to spam my articles on Facebook and google to just get what I was making before and that wasn’t even much to begin with.

Now to say that I was feeling down is not the word but the truth is I was really put off from writing for a few weeks. I needed to get away from the world of writing as the comedown affected everything that I was doing. It affected my current projects, my curriculum creation and even my course work.

But after a long and hard think about what I tried to achieve I believe now that I put too much belief into social journalism and I let the emotion get to me and as you might be aware that rejection is very high in the world of writing to be published.

So from today I’m going back to my roots in writing and starting from fresh. I will try my best to write more blogs, continue my book project and continue at a good pace with my course work.

So until the next post have a great day and see you in the world of writing.


6 thoughts on “Been in a difficult place with my writing

  1. yeah , I find that when I take up a new hobby or get involved in something else i.e watching a new series, I find the work I have to do at school starts lagging i.e new materials , etc
    It’s hard to get balance


  2. I recently have come across a few writers’ sites that seem more legitimate. I am looking into them now. If you are interested in the links, please advise. I prefer not to post them without your permission.


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