Short Story: The Unseen Ship

Here is my first attempt at a Short Story; Titled: The Unseen Ship. So please do have a read and tell me what you all think…

Terl got up from his command console and walked across the officer’s bridge to the main view screen that looked out over the empty universe. What stared back at him where the small stars and galaxy’s that were so far away that the only way to see them was to use the magnification function on the view screen.

He turned and looked back over the bridge towards the bridges captain. “Captain we have reached the coordinates”.

Terl was a command-general of communications with six stars to his name which put him three ranks behind the captain of this flagship but he didn’t much care for this assignment as he felt it was below his rank and skills.

“Do a recon scan and send your findings to the navigation department” the captain ordered.

Terl hated the captain as he was old, fat and incompetent. He really believed that when he was given his order to report to the Earth Alliance special unit core that he was the one to command this vessel. But the announcement that he would be under the command of Captain Frank Inkle made him sick to his stomach. This man was the one who caused the trafalgar incident and the death of his father. When Terl made his objections clear he was just dismissed.

“Terl are you sure this is the location of the unknown beacon?”

“Yes, this is the location of the marker that was given to us by the intelligence agency”.

“But there is nothing here!” The old captain shouted.

Terl turned and bit his tongue as he walked back to his console. He really hated the captain. Couldn’t he work out that the orders given by the agency back home were unknown and that’s why they were out here investigating?

Just six months ago we received a signal generating from this part of space and the intelligence agency wanted to find out what it was. They sent a recon ship out here and just after two days they lost all communications with it and its crew.

“Terl run another recon scan and report your findings to navigation and see what they come up with.” the captain demanded twisting in his chair around to face him.

Terl sat down at his console with a huff and pulled up the schematics of the area around. The beacon started to scan the nearby star systems and clusters for any sign of the missing ship but before it could finish the console started to flicker and after a few seconds the console powered off.

“My console has just died” he said as he swung around to the private sitting behind him. “Private can you pull up the recon screen – “. But before he could finish the privates console flickered and powered down as well.

“Captain I think we have a problem with the consoles. I will contact the engineering department and have them send up an engineer.” He said turning but the captain didn’t pay any attention to him. He was looking towards the view screen in shock.

Terl turned towards the view screen in time to witness a shape flicker in and out of view. The shape took on a form of some sort of space craft but it was huge. The entire object when in view engulfed his ship.

“What are we looking at Terl?” the captain asked nervously. Terl tried to answer but a strange sound come through the dead consoles. It was a deafening sound that made his inner ears feel like they were bursting. Everyone on the bridge fell to their knees holding their heads.

As soon as the noise started it was gone. Terl got back up to his feet and looked back down at his console. It was back on and preforming the recon scan he first started. In the middle of the console screen was the shape of the unknown ship. The true size was now evident as the scans showed that the unknown ship was shifting in and out of dimensions which was scientifically imposable.

Terl looked up at the captain who was now screaming for an all out attack. The entire bridge was in disarray with personal running around leaving their consoles.

What the hell is going on Terl thought to himself as he watched his fellow service men and women vanish one by one off the bridge. The last person to vanish was the captain and all that was left was Terl.

Again the same noise came through the console but this time it was comprehensible as it was in English “We are the Flok Empire. You are trespassing on our space. You have ten minutes to withdraw you vessel or we will destroy it!”

Terl drastically played with the communication buttons to try and reply to the message but nothing on the console was working. He smashed his fist down on the panel and let out a frustrated cry but he knew exactly what to do as he walked over to the fire and control systems.

He was going to fire ten biolistic missiles at the vessel and hope that at least one of them would hit it. The console was still in operation and the key codes where already inputted. Someone must have had the same idea before they were taken.

Terl locked onto the unknown ship and pressed the fire button. Ten of the ships missiles flowed out of the gun ports straight at the other ship but all of them seemed to slip through it like it wasn’t even there. Terl could only look on in shock as now the vessel shot out a bright white light. The ship started to shake and rip apart. Alarms started to sound indicating pressure leaks all over the ship. Terl made a run for it to get off the bridge but before he could get to the main doors a bright white light surrounded him.

“Your attack on this ship is an act of war and will be dealt with swiftly. Your life and your peoples will be judged under the laws of Flok.”

Terl dropped to his knees knowing that he has just put his planet and people in war with an alien race that appears to be ten times more advanced. Why the hell has this happened to me he thought to himself as the room around him started to explode.


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