A Walk around Osaka Castle Park

I follow the crowd as they make their way to the gates of the station. I notice an elderly gentleman dressed in blue uniform standing off to the left shouting to everyone to,” walk towards the exit in an orderly fashion “as he holds a megaphone to his face. One by one we go through the gates placing our train cards on top of the ticket swipe machines.

As I walk out of the station I notice that we are already in Osaka Castle Park. I look around and see trees dotted everywhere with small paths heading out like mazes in every direction. As my eyes scan the area and my nose takes in the smell of all the trees and plants, I notice just ahead through a small clearing the green and golden top of Osaka Castle.

As I make my way forward I notice that just ahead of me is a huge stairway that leads down to a wider path, and as I walk down the stairs I make note to myself to count the steps as I go. As I reach the bottom I make a mental count of 25 steps. I turn around and watch families of children and elderly scale the steps as if it were a hobby for them.

I walk down the wide path and notice the heat from the sun is causing a haze effect on the surface of the asphalt making me feel hotter than it really is. I come to a crossroad and notice a sign that reads Osaka Castle to the left and the Osaka Dome Theatre to the right. I have a quick gander at the big dome then make my start towards the castle.

The walk to the castle becomes more bearable as the trees overhead offer shade from the sun. The area is beautiful with trees and shrubs dotting the landscape for as far as the eye can see. The smell of cut grass is strong as it drifts with the breeze. Between the shrubs and open spaces I can see children playing and parents setting out picnic mats and barbeque sets.

I walk to the edge of the park that leads on to the entrance of the castle. The entrance is a huge bridge that flows over a deep moat that bends and twines around a huge rock wall. I walk over an arched shaped bridge and take in the smell of the moat which surprises me as not smelling like stale water in fact the smell was very pleasant.

Just ahead of me is the main entrance to the inner castle with a doorway as tall as a double-decker bus with wooden doors hanging from huge hinges as thick as the rocks used to build the outer walls.

As I pass through the doorway the first thing I notice is the castle itself. A huge white pointed tower rising up to the sky with slate roof tiles screaming out a green colour as beautiful as the trees I walked under.


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