Another Walk Around Osaka: Pictures Only

Osaka (3)

So the title says “Another Walk Around Osaka: Pictures Only” but I have added text to this blog. The reason that I have done this is due to the fact that I suck at creating only photo blogs. I have tried to make this blog look nice but I can’t seem to work it out. So if anyone out there with the skill to enlighten me on how to do this is more than welcome to contact me.

Osaka (1)These photos are of me having a nice walk around Osaka on a cold Sunday morning. I thought I would try and capture the essence of downtown Umeda. The photo to the right was taken as I walked out of Osaka JR station and walked towards Fukushima and Noda Hanshin.

Osaka (4)On the left is a nice office building with lots of pane windows. A number of large office buildings in Umdea are half empty with only a few businesses residing in them. If you go to one of many restaurants nearer Osaka JR station and choose one that is on the 10th floor of an apartment building you can see a number of these office buildings with floors completely stripped down to just their concrete floors and columns.

Osaka (6)On the right is picture of me strolling down the street after having lunch at the Outback; I had a cheeseburger and chips which went down nicely.

Osaka (10)A decaying building on the left and at first glance it looks at some point a construction company had halted the building of whatever this was going to be. The rust and colouring of the concrete gives off the impression that it’s been like this for a number of years. I wonder if it is safe and not about to fall down on the tightly packed buildings surrounding it?

To answer my own question I decided to take a closer look and found out that the building is being used as a cheap car park. The ground and second floors are only in use.


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