My Sons Happyoukai in Japan

ThHyapyokai (2)eHyapyokai (7) other day I attended my son’s happyoukai; English term would be school play or musical. The event was held at a big theater and was on for over two hours. From the start I watched young children from the age of two get up on stage and do some basic performances.

My sons act was scheduled one hour into the musical so I had to wait and watch most of the acts beforehand. Each and every performance was good and I was shocked at how well the children preformed on stage in front of such a big crowd.

My son did the three little pigs act with twelve pigs and eight wolfs. The whole story wasn’t acted out and instead they did a bit of crawling around on the stage and sang some songs that where connected to the Japanese three little pig story.

After watching the entire happyoukai I could say that some of the acts where really badly planned, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt due to the children’s ages.

But what I really was impressed with was how the teachers played the pianos. They played them like professioanls and never made any mistakes.

Hyapyokai (4)Hyapyokai (8)


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