Letters to Editors for Magazines and Newspapers

Letter to the EditorWith the Writers Bureau Creative Writing Course I get to learn all the angles of writing for a living and one of these angles or options is writing letters to magazines and newspapers.

The trouble I have with writing letters for magazines or even newspapers is that I don’t really read these. The news sources that I read for my news fix are all online and none of them offer any Letters to Editor.

To tell the truth I haven’t read a magazine in many years and the last magazine that I read must have been a PC Gamer one from the early 2000s.

But for the benefit of my course I decided to get hold of a current PC Gamer UK magazine and write a small letter for my assignment. After having my assignment marked by my tutor and given the green light to send my letter off I decided to try my luck.

My letter to the Editor was sent back in October 2014 and I only got a reply to it a few weeks ago. To tell you that I was pleased was an understatement I was happy that I made my wife jump when I screamed with pleasure.

As you can see from the reply all was written was that my letter made the Editors day. Nowhere did he write that he would publish it but I was pleased because he replied to my letter which gave me hope in believing that all letters do get read and perhaps one day I might get a letter published.

My goal now is to try and read a few magazines and write a few letters but as I live in Japan finding a source that sells English magazines is proving to be quite difficult but I won’t give up.


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